About Rebecca

Property freak, Rebecca Lipton was born in Nebraska but found her love of property whilst travelling across Europe. The warm atmosphere and breathtaking architecture had her hooked. This experience of road-tripping across European countries put a different perspective into Lipton’s head, inspiring her to make a complete change in career from a personal trainer to a landlord. The transition was hard. At the age of 25 Lipton moved from her small town in Oakland to Liverpool, where she embraced the Scouse accent and vibrant culture.

Having lived and worked in Liverpool for just over a year, Lipton decided to get her foot on the UK property ladder by purchasing a house and renovating it into an HMO. The experience for her was full of ups and downs, but very rewarding in the end. After renting out the HMO for 5 years, Lipton sold the property and used the profits to purchase a buy-to-let.

Currently, Lipton has a portfolio of Liverpool properties ranging from buy-to-let to student property. Lipton hopes to continue investing in UK properties and has plans to expand her portfolio by purchasing properties in Manchester and Leeds.

Follow the journey of Rebecca Lipton through her blog, Confessions of a Property Freak.