I Invested In My First Care Home

Why I Invested In A Care-Home

I invested in a care-home and I think it was one of the wisest investments I have ever made. There are several reasons that I believed that when I made my initial investment – and I continue to believe it today.

There are some simple reasons for this – and they based on the statistics that have been released by study groups the United Kingdom.

As medical advances continue to extend the life of those who have reached retirement age it is almost inevitable that some of the 11 million people over the age of 65 will require some sort of specialised care. In fact those some studies indicate that nearly 800,000 of these people will suffer from varying degrees of dementia.

Now that is without doubt distressing. However, it does mean that these seniors will require specialist care.

Sadly enough it today’s highly stressed environment where time is at a premium and belt tightening is the order of the day there are decreasing numbers of people who can care for these seniors in a way that will allow them an appropriate quality of life. Home based care is one option – but it can be incredibly expensive and place an enormous emotional strain on family members.

The alternative is of course a care-home. Now this is not a situation that many families will take lightly. However, it is a decision that some families will be forced to make.

I invested in a care-home because I believe that a properly run care- home will not only provide adequate care facilities and the support that those in need require, but also that it will deliver a superior return on investment. The statistics simply do not lie.

The same trend studies indicate that there are simply not enough care-homes available. It is a sector that is expected to grow by 60% in the U.K. alone as we approach 2023.

Increased life expectancy and under supply of these sorts of investment properties presents an enormous opportunity for the savvy property investor. It’s simply a case of supply and demand.

Fortunately there are a number of investment opportunities in the this sector. It has been recognised as one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. And according to many industry pundits this is a trend that will not change anytime soon.

One of the most attractive things about this investment opportunity is that there are a variety of entry points. New developments offer the opportunity to get in on the ground floor in regions across the United Kingdom. It’s simply a case of selecting what sort of returns you would like to enjoy and how much you’d like to invest. For instance frail care estates are rapidly gaining traction as part of a balanced portfolio – as are luxury frail care-homes.

When all is said and done a growing demand that shows no sign of slowing is fuelling investment. Whether you want to speculate in the short to medium term and realise your investment quickly – want to be in this sort of investment for the long term it is certainly worth investigating.